I’m an award-winning Art Director, specialized in AI style explorations & AI consulting.

My work is mostly located at the ideation phase of the creative process. I highly respect other creatives such as illustrators, photographers or 3D artists and I see my work as a guide for possible visual directions in the design development. 

Driven by curiosity and the sheer joy of creating I like to explore new creative playgrounds and possibilities. This works best with like minded people.

What I do:

-> Style Explorations
-> Style Frames (in support of 3D pipelines)
-> Look Developments
-> Visual explorations of thematic fields
-> AI Consulting / Brainpicking
What I don’t do:

-> Recreating stock images 
-> Pure implementation of existing concepts
-> Work for free
-> Work with assholes

Studios, agencies, organisations and people I worked with: 
Saatchi & Saatchi Zurich, Manuel Flurin Hendry, Prolog 7, Field.io, Unicef Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Farner Branding, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Family Agency, ADC Switzerland, Ruf Lanz, LOEV, Stadt Zürich, Doyennes, Foundry Berlin, Ground, HWZ, …

Most of my work in this stage is under confidentiality agreements/NDAs. These are examples of my general AI design research. More AI examples on the ->Playground